Our approach

We help leaders apply the skills they already have more wisely – by building clarity of purpose and ethical courage.

Cranlana provides learning and advisory programs for both individual leaders and organisations.

We deliver a range of open foundation programs for executive and emerging leaders as well as advisory and custom programs for a range of public, private and non-profit organisations. Find out more:

Foundation programs

Cranlana’s foundation programs run throughout the year and are open to executive and emerging leaders seeking to bridge their leadership practice with an ethical one.

Leaders that come to us may be: 

  • considering how to better align their work and values
  • grappling with an ethical or integrity dilemma
  • seeking to elevate ethical purpose, standards and behaviors in their teams
  • concerned with ethical drift at their own organisations
  • considering how they can best role-model and influence behaviors as well as deliver results in their workplace. 

Our foundation programs provide participants with the opportunity to step back from the immediacy of their everyday work and to rigorously consider foundational values in a new light. By bringing these values to the foreground, our leaders are better able to ask questions that are often overlooked and reimagine their work in an ethical context.

“After completing a Cranlana course, I realised I have a deep commitment to service. While government can be over zealous about risk, legalities, funding, perception, bad press – sometimes we have to show courage and think ethically and morally about what is the right thing to do.”

Heidi Stratford
Director Illawarra and South East, NSW Reconstruction Authority


A primer for leaders seeking to incorporate or renew ethical
thinking and action into their leadership practice.


The Colloquium is Cranlana’s flagship program for senior and emerging leaders across the private, public and community sectors.


An immersive program where leaders come together to supercharge their ethical leadership practice.

Custom and Advisory programs

Cranlana’s Custom and Advisory programs are based on an organisational learning partner model.

We work with organisations seeking capability uplift in ethical and integrity-based leadership across a range of levels. This work can range from transferring our foundation programs to an in-house setting through to co-designing highly tailored diagnostic, design and advisory programs with the partner organisation to address their unique needs, priorities and contextual factors.

Organisations that come to us may be seeking to:

  • build ethics and integrity capability to strengthen stakeholder trust and become an employer of choice
  • understand their ethical maturity and levels of risk
  • drive a more ethical and equitable culture
  • support staff wellbeing and resilience when encountering ethical dilemmas
  • understand and address why integrity breaches or ethical drift has occurred
  • establish an ethical-by-design model, decision-making framework and culture

Customised ethics strategies designed in partnership with your organisation.

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