Our approach

We don’t teach leadership skills. Instead, we help leaders apply the skills they already have more wisely – by building clarity of purpose and ethical courage.

Drawing on a rich history of philosophical wisdom, they encourage fresh and considered approaches to challenges – offering insights that, for many participants, will fundamentally transform their concept of leadership.

Our courses are dialogue-based and immersive, bringing small groups of high-level leaders together for discussions that are wide-ranging and expertly guided. They are rigorous, in-depth and practical, providing high-level learning experiences and understanding to strengthen your capabilities as an effective and ethical leader.

Opportunities with Cranlana

From in-house workshops to a deep dive into personal values and moral agency

Cranlana programs provide participants the opportunity to step back from the immediacy of their work and from the world we live in and to consider foundational values in a new light. By bringing these values to the foreground, our leaders are better able to ask questions and see possibilities that are often overlooked.


A primer for leaders seeking to incorporate or renew ethical
thinking and action into their leadership practice.


The Colloquium is Cranlana’s flagship program for senior and emerging leaders across the private, public and community sectors.


An immersive program where leaders come together to supercharge their ethical leadership practice.


Bespoke ethics strategies designed in partnership with your organisation, for its unique challenges and needs.

Join us at the intersection of ethics and leadership.

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