We partner with leaders and organisations to deliver projects that are designed for their unique ethical challenges.

A workplace’s ethical culture is connected to its reputation, integrity, employee experience and purpose. We work with Australian organisations seeking strategies that put strong ethical practices in place, so the impact of their ethical culture on their workplace is a positive one.

As the ethical wants and needs of every organisation are unique, our partnerships are all highly bespoke. If you’d like to discuss an idea for an ethical project or program, start here:


Our recent partnerships include research commissions, published reports, program development and delivery and workshops.

While the output of the work varies greatly depending on the organisation, the Cranlana methodology is based on a peer and enquiry-based model that we tailor specifically to the needs of your workplace and project scope.

When you partner with us, we support you to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Identify and address ethical dilemmas, tests of integrity and value conflicts
  • Understand and apply ethical decision-making frameworks across your organisation to enable pro-integrity behaviours
  • Apply frameworks and strategies for meeting ethical challenges
  • Cultivate a sense of moral courage and agency
  • Articulate an external and internal account of decision-making in times of ethical stress
  • Develop a model for ethical leadership in role-modelling and culture-building
  • Empower ethical fluency and agency across your teams
  • Welcome diverse viewpoints and constructive challenge
  • Challenge the underlying beliefs, norms and practices that can undermine ethical change

Join us at the intersection of ethics and leadership.

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