We partner with leaders and organisations to deliver advisory and custom programs designed for their unique environment.

An organisation’s ethical capability is critical in ensuring its trust and reputation, employee experience, clarity of purpose and consistency of decision-making.

We work with organisations seeking to meaningfully engage with ethics and integrity as a core component of leadership, professional and capability development.

Our advisory and custom programs are based on an organisational learning partner model.

This work can range from transferring our foundation programs to an in-house setting through to co-designing highly tailored diagnostic, design and advisory programs. Organisations that come to us may be seeking to:

  • build ethics and integrity capability to strengthen stakeholder trust and become an employer of choice
  • understand their ethical maturity and levels of risk
  • drive a more ethical, inclusive and equitable culture
  • enable a speak up and listen up culture
  • support staff wellbeing and resilience when encountering ethical dilemmas
  • understand and address why integrity breaches, misconduct or ethical drift has occurred
  • establish an ethical-by-design model and decision-making framework
  • build more consistent and resilient cultures

If you’re interested in partnering with us or finding out more, we’d love to hear from you.

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