An immersive program where leaders representing diverse aspects of Australian life come together to supercharge their ethical leadership practice.

Applications for the 2024 Cohort of the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship are now open.


The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship provides leaders with the conviction, skill and knowledge to be ethical and effective leaders. Fellows learn to be architects of ethical cultures, agents of moral progress and positive role models, operating in a community of like-minded leaders with a shared vision and commitment to the common good.

Across a year-long program of in-person retreats, online learning programs, reflective practice and peer-coaching, participants explore and untangle the moral challenges that arise in their high-level leadership positions. Fellows work in collaborative, diverse teams to develop an ethical change project to be road-tested and implemented within their organisation, sector or industry to drive ongoing ethical change. The close-knit, collegial and confidential environment becomes an ethical brains trust – a group that can be drawn on as confidants, advisors, supporters and collaborators in the often challenging, lonely work of driving ethical change.

The Fellowship involves two residential retreats based in Victoria and NSW, group and individual online learning and team-based meetups throughout the year. There are scholarship places available specifically for leaders from the not-for-profit, arts and culture, start-up and community sectors.

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What you learn

Program Outcomes

  • Learn to identify and understand the underlying beliefs, norms and practices that can support or undermine ethical change.
  • Recognise your ethical ‘default settings’ and learn to step outside them to think more holistically.
  • Use and master new concepts, frameworks and strategies for dealing with ethical risks and challenges.
  • Successfully develop and run an ethical change project with enormous potential.
  • Build ongoing relationships with like-minded leaders.
  • Explore the ways in which you can shape cultures and systems in ways that encourage ethical behaviour.
  • Bridge the gap between ‘business as usual’ and large-scale social, political and moral challenges.

How it works

Course Structure

The Fellowship is a holistic leadership development program, encompassing a range of different activities over the year.

  • Lead by experienced facilitators
  • Workshops with subject-matter experts
  • Collaborative, experiential learning with peers
  • Arts, cultural and multi-disciplinary program
  • Opportunities for storytelling, reflection and relationship building
  • Expert-led discussions
  • Topics of vital importance to ethical leadership in 2023
  • Data, AI and digital transformation
  • Trust and social license
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Systemic misogyny and racism
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Guided readings, videos and case studies.
  • Core concepts, frameworks and ideas central to ethical leadership.
  • Online learning community to share thoughts and reflections.
  • Curated readings, tools and resources.
  • Series of guided reflections to drive deeper learning
  • Opportunities for shared reflection with the broader group of Fellows
  • Supplementary coaching program available (at additional fee)
  • One-on-one sessions with program director Matt Beard
  • Opportunities to pursue discrete avenues of interest and receive specific guidance
  • Access to Cranlana’s extensive network of experts
  • Work with VFF alumni and subject matter experts
  • Build a community of leaders and learn from their experience
  • Utilise cross-sector insights, experience and collaboration to increase impact

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