The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship provides leaders with the critical thinking, moral courage and applied skills to evolve their leadership within an ethical framework.

What can you expect from the Fellowship?

The Fellowship combines contemporary research and timeless philosophical principles with peer-learning to deeply engage and evolve your ethical leadership practice.

Led by a shared-inquiry pedagogy, the program creates a unique opportunity for Fellows to learn with and from each other through collaboration, challenge, dialogue and synthesis.

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The Fellowship is a year-long program consisting of in-person, online and blended delivery.

The program includes:

VFF program features

What will you learn?

Program outcomes

Working alongside a diverse group of Fellows and taking part in their own reflective practice, leaders will develop organisational tools to evaluate and create ethical maturity within their workplace.

  • Learn to identify and understand the underlying beliefs, norms and practices that can support or undermine ethical change.
  • Recognise your ethical ‘default settings’ and learn to step outside them to think more holistically.
  • Use and master new concepts, frameworks and strategies for dealing with ethical risks and challenges.
  • Successfully develop and run an ethical change project with enormous potential.
  • Build ongoing relationships with like-minded leaders.
  • Explore the ways in which you can shape cultures and systems in ways that encourage ethical behaviour.
  • Bridge the gap between ‘business as usual’ and large-scale social, political and moral challenges.

Meet some of the Fellowship alumni community and hear how the program impacted their leadership practice:

Who is the Fellowship for?

Fellows: learning together

Each year, up to 22 leaders from across Australia are selected to be Fellows in the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship.

While the assessments are made on a case-by-case basis, Fellows are typically executive or senior leaders within an organisation’s leadership team or with divisional responsibility.

We seek applications from leaders of all sectors and backgrounds to support a diverse and multi-disciplinary cohort that can genuinely learn from and challenge one another.

Among the most valuable aspects of the Fellowship is the opportunity to build relationships with leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds.

In recent years, the Fellowship has welcomed leaders from the public, private and community sectors, representing organisations including:

VFF alumni
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