Pair timeless ethical principles with your leadership practice today, for tomorrow.

The Colloquium is Cranlana’s flagship program for senior leaders across the private, public and community sectors, inspiring transformational leadership by situating contemporary challenges within foundational principles and values.

Program overview

With streams dedicated to executive-level, public sector and emerging leaders, the Colloquium is unlike any other form of leadership development. The program is not taught but evolves as a guided conversation between peers, Cranlana moderators and our curriculum.

The Colloquium is deliberately challenging.
Ideas are offered as provocations, and participants are supported to think critically about their relevance, validity and intersection with personal and organisational ethical codes, priorities and challenges.

But it is also enriching and energising.
We support the capacity of leaders to endure and persevere in the arena by situating their leadership in the context of timeless wisdom and inspirational courage across generations and diverse settings.

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Cranlana’s Colloquiums are delivered in person, throughout Australia

Each Colloquium takes place over 5 days

2 Moderators

20 participants

Course materials supplied, including pre-reading

Collaborative group work

What you’ll learn

Colloquium outcomes

  • Improve your capacity to identify and address ethical dimensions of your work.
  • Deepen your understanding of foundational social and governance values and when they come under challenge.
  • Navigate ethical complexity and create greater clarity of decision-making.
  • Expand your engagement with leadership in the context of stewardship, the social contract and the flourishing of others.
  • Connect with a circle of ethical peers to support you post-program.
  • Understand, apply and challenge different schools of ethical decision-making.

How it works

Colloquium format

The Colloquium is an immersive five-day program run by two Cranlana Moderators and featuring an expert guest speaker.

Each Colloquium is capped and run under Chatham House Rule to allow participants to rigorously explore issues within a trusted environment.

Participants will be provided with a learning pack which includes written, multimedia and audio content, used to spark dialogue and debate during the Colloquium.

The Cranlana Colloquium is delivered each year in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth. Scholarship places are available for non-profit leaders.

Graduates of the Cranlana Colloquium join Cranlana’s prestigious community of alumni, allowing them to stay connected with Cranlana and each another once the program has finished.

Suitable for

The Executive Colloquium is suited to senior executives who are ready to be challenged, seek out solutions for tomorrow’s most complex problems and ignite positive change across their organisation and society.


  • $8,300 (ex. GST)
  • Enquire for not-for-profit rates

Public Sector Leaders Colloquium – Executive

Who attends the Public Sector Leaders Colloquium?

Leaders from across Australia’s Public Sector, who are committed to leading with integrity from their unique position in the Australian Federal, State or Local Government.


  • $8,300 (ex. GST)

Emerging Leaders Colloquium

Who attends the Emerging Leaders Colloquium?

Emerging executive leaders from all areas of an organisation who are committed to leading authentically while navigating their career progression. The program addresses common challenges for emerging leaders such as managing up, down and across and the pressures of advancing into a leadership role.


  • $7,318 (ex. GST)

2024 calendar: Cranlana Colloquium

26 – 30 August, 2024

Executive Colloquium


9 – 13 September, 2024

Executive Colloquium


14 – 18 October, 2024

Public Sector Colloquium


21 – 25 October, 2024

Executive Colloquium


29 October – 1 November, 2024

Emerging Leaders Colloquium


11 – 15 November, 2024

Executive Colloquium


Get in touch with our team to discuss your next steps.

If you’d like help understanding which of the Cranlana Colloquium streams are best suited to you or have any other questions about applying for our programs, you can book an appointment to speak with Emma Rankin, Cranlana’s Client Engagement Manager.

“It was, quite simply, the best professional development experience of my working life.
The beauty of the Colloquium is that it didn’t prescribe what we should think or adapt into our lives and leadership practices. Rather, it challenged us to think critically and ground our future decisions and behaviours in our own judgement of what is right, ethical and just. A life’s work.”

Simon Holloway,
Director of Environment and Infrastructure, City of Stonnington

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