Pair timeless ethical principles with your leadership practice today, for tomorrow.

The Cranlana Colloquium is our flagsip six-day ethics program. Now with specific programs designed for the unique needs of executive-level leaders, public sector leaders and emerging leaders, the Cranlana Colloquium is more relevant to the demands of the Australian workplace.

Program overview

Pair timeless ethical principles with your leadership practice today, for tomorrow.

The Executive Colloquium is Cranlana’s flagship program for senior leaders across the private, public and community sectors. It has evolved over 30 years of dialogue and reflection between senior Australian leaders coming together to develop their capacity to lead organisations through volatility and complexity with courage and authenticity.

The Executive Colloquium is unlike any other form of leadership development.

The program is not taught but proceeds as a moderated conversation between leaders. As it unfolds, the collective wisdom of the group emerges, prompting insights about personal values and the principles which drive Australian culture, business and civic life, underpinning its legal, financial and democratic systems.

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Delivered In Person

6 days

2 Moderators

1 Speaker

20 participants

Course materials supplied, including pre-reading

Collaborative group work

What you learn

Program Outcomes

  • Hone ethical reasoning and critical leadership skills
  • Strengthen moral scaffolding to help in making ethical judgements
  • Create clarity around decision making
  • Generate organisational and personal ethically sound action
  • Access Cranlana Alumni events, and a wide network of ethically driven leaders

How it works

Course Structure

Each six-day in-person Colloquium is capped at just 20 participants, allowing participants to rigorously explore issues in a close-knit environment.

Participants are given a reading pack ahead of the course, spanning over two millennia of philosophy from ancient to contemporary thinkers – material that is used to fuel discussion and debate during the program.

Aside from selected guest speakers introducing topics and discussion points, the main program consists of discussion sessions, where an open dialogue is encouraged, curated by two expert moderators who guide and challenge the participants.

Executive Colloquium

Suitable for

The Executive Colloquium is suited to senior executives who are ready to be challenged, seek out solutions for tomorrow’s most complex problems and ignite positive change across their organisation and society.


  • $8,300 (ex. GST)
  • Enquire for not-for-profit rates

Public Sector Leaders Colloquium – Executive

Who attends the Public Sector Leaders Colloquium?

Leaders from across Australia’s Public Sector, who are committed to leading with integrity from their unique position in the Australian Federal, State or Local Government.


  • $8,300 (ex. GST)

Government levels

  • VIC: EO 2/3
  • NSW: EO 1/2
  • ACT: SO Grade A/B
  • SA: SAES 1/2
  • QLD: SES 2/3
  • and the corresponding LGA levels

Emerging Leaders Colloquium

Who attends the Emerging Leaders Colloquium?

Emerging executive leaders from all areas of an organisation who are committed to leading authentically while navigating their career progression. The program addresses common challenges for emerging leaders such as managing up, down and across and the pressures of advancing into a leadership role.


  • $7,318 (ex. GST)

“It was, quite simply, the best professional development experience of my working life.
The beauty of the Colloquium is that it didn’t prescribe what we should think or adapt into our lives and leadership practices. Rather, it challenged us to think critically and ground our future decisions and behaviours in our own judgement of what is right, ethical and just. A life’s work.”

Simon Holloway, Director of Environment and Infrastructure, City of Stonnington

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