Leadership beyond management.

Ethics beyond compliance.

In an ever-evolving world, leadership demands more than pure competence—it requires a deep commitment to ethical principles and a broad perspective on complex issues.

At Cranlana, we support leaders to prioritise and hone their critical reasoning, ethical thinking and moral courage, as an integral part of their leadership practice.

About Cranlana

Cranlana provides learning and advisory programs for individual leaders and organisations. Our programs focus on supporting these groups to strengthen the critical thinking skills, moral courage, systems and tools that underpin ethics, integrity and trustworthiness.

Drawing on over two millennia of philosophical wisdom along with contemporary applied insight from the fields of behavioral ethics, organisational psychology and transformational governance, Cranlana’s curriculum and content bridges the gap between timeless principles and modern best practice to empower leaders to confront the ethical dilemmas of today and tomorrow with wisdom, courage and foresight.

Cranlana’s foundation programs run throughout the year and are open to executive and emerging leaders seeking to bridge their leadership practice with an ethical one.

Cranlana’s advisory and custom programs are based on an organisational learning partner model. We work with organisations that are seeking capability uplift in ethical and integrity-based leadership.

Cranlana’s learning methodology is immersive, dialogue-based and focused on real-world application. We bring together curated groups of leaders and learners within a trusted space to consider ethical issues in conversation with one another, our moderators, curriculum and themselves. Our moderators and advisers apply ethical theory, frameworks and tools to support organisations and learners to normalise conversations on ethics, recognise where dilemmas occur and address these with greater agency.

At Cranlana, our focus is not on providing binary or compliance-based answers but on equipping learners with the critical thinking tools to recognise, confront and assess the many complex situations they will face across their working lives.

We believe ethics is not just a theory but a practical skill set. By fostering an environment where ethical discourse is normalised and practiced, we empower leaders to authentically engage with ethical complexity. Through reflection, conversation, and experiential learning, Cranlana enables leaders to develop the agility and resilience needed to make ethically intentional decisions and drive positive change in their spheres of influence.

The inaugural Cranlana Programme was first established in 1993 by the Myer Foundation at Cranlana House in Melbourne, the family home of the late Sidney and Merlyn Myer. The Programme was created as a space for leaders across Australia to come together and discuss the cultivation of ethical practice and responsible leadership.

Inspired by the USA’s Aspen Institute, Cranlana Founders Ken Myer and Michael Liffman developed a learning program to inspire each generation of leaders anew to consider ethics as a fundamental part of their skillset. Since then Cranlana has expanded its foundation leadership programs and worked as a learning partner for some of Australia’s leading institutions.

In 2019, the Myer Foundation partnered with the Vincent Fairfax Foundation to integrate the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship, established in 1994 and also focussed on ethical leadership, into Cranlana’s offering. At the same time, Monash University became Cranlana’s third partner, with Cranlana now established as part of the university’s Education portfolio. The Myer Foundation, Vincent Fairfax Foundation and Monash University are pleased to now work together on the common goal of strengthening and scaling ethical leadership across Australia and the region.

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