Executive Ethics

Executive Ethics – a new Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership program

26 February, 2020

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership has launched a new flagship program — Executive Ethics: Leading with ethical influence. The two-day program has been designed for senior leaders from a range of sectors and will explore practical applications of ethics in the workplace.

The Executive Ethics program will introduce participants to philosophies and frameworks that examine what it means to act ethically in our lives and our work, and explore the concept of justice and its application to systems and structures. Participants will develop a nuanced understanding of the task of leading, explore how organisational structures can create ethical tensions, and be prepared for unforeseen ethical challenges.

Cranlana Centre’s newest offering is timely as the need for considered ethics in society has never been greater, and leaders are regularly called upon to make difficult decisions in situations where competing moral frameworks are brought to bear.

Cranlana Centre’s CEO, Vanessa Pigrum, says, “We are very excited to announce the launch of our new program, Executive Ethics. The demand for Cranlana Centre’s programs is consistently high and we recognised the opportunity to design a targeted ethics program with time poor senior leaders in mind. There is no shortage of evidence pointing to the need for a deeper understanding of ethical leadership across all sectors of society, and we hope the addition of the Executive Ethics program will provide more leaders with an opportunity to refine their critical reasoning and ethical decision-making skills.”

“The Executive Ethics program has been designed to complement our existing programs, the Executive Colloquium and Vincent Fairfax Fellowship, and to provide leaders with an accessible two-day offering that still offers a rare opportunity for deep reflection and learning. The Executive Ethics program will help to build and refine the moral courage leaders require to lead for the good of the organisations they work in and society more broadly.”

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Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash