After almost five years of exceptional leadership at the Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership, Vanessa Pigrum has announced that she will resign as CEO at the conclusion of her contract in early 2023. Through Vanessa’s exemplary strategic vision and ability to motivate a diverse and ambitious team, her leadership has continued the Cranlana Centre’s success in developing the ethical decision-making skills of Australia’s leaders.

A word from Vanessa:

“It has been an absolute honour to lead this wonderful organisation. Cranlana is loved by so many people across the nation. And no wonder! Our work has impacted many, many lives. I’m proud of our role in developing a growing community of ethical leaders across the country and in every conceivable industry sector.

There are multiple team achievements since 2018 to spotlight – refreshing our core programs to better reflect contemporary Australia, bringing the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship into the fold, establishing multi-year collaborations with several national institutions and, most significantly, becoming part of Monash University. The future of the Cranlana Centre is a dynamic one and I am immensely proud of all we have achieved together as a team, during turbulent times, to make that future possible.

There’ll be time for proper farewells later, but for now I simply wish to thank the large community of Cranlana Alumni and VFF Fellows who warmly welcomed me into this one-of-a-kind role. Being Cranlana’s CEO gets under your skin. It’s impossible not to be moved, challenged and affected by the work that we do and by the friendships you make along the way. These are gifts that will travel with me wherever the next adventure may be.”

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Vanessa will finish up by Easter 2023, ensuring there’s a smooth transition to a new CEO. The CCEL Board and Monash University extended their sincere thanks to Vanessa for her excellent leadership and commitment to Cranlana. Please join us in thanking Vanessa for her dedication, passion and contributions over the past years.

We invite you to view our job posting regarding our CEO role here, while direct enquiries can be made to Tony Grierson at AEGEUS on (02) 9053 8866 or via

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership’s programs include the 2 day Executive Ethics, 6 day Executive Colloquium and year-long Vincent Fairfax Fellowship. We also deliver online and tailored corporate programs. Find the right program for you here. They are all held under the Chatham House Rule to encourage genuine and open debate, and allow participants to candidly discuss sometimes sensitive issues in private while allowing the topic and nature of the debate to be made public, and contribute to a broader conversation. The alumni program offers ongoing leadership development support and a lifelong connection with Cranlana.

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We don’t teach leadership skills. Instead, we help leaders apply the skills they already have more wisely – by building clarity of purpose and ethical courage. Drawing on a rich history of philosophical wisdom, they encourage fresh and considered approaches to challenges – offering insights that, for many participants, will fundamentally transform their concept of leadership. Our courses are dialogue-based and immersive, bringing small groups of high-level leaders together for discussions that are wide-ranging and expertly guided. They are rigorous, in-depth and practical, providing high-level learning experiences and understanding to strengthen your capabilities as an effective and ethical leader.

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