“It was, quite simply, the best professional development experience of my working life. And one that will have lasting impacts for me for decades to come – both on my work environment leadership, but more broadly on my life.

[…] The beauty for me of the Colloquium is that it didn’t prescribe what we should think or believe or adapt into our lives and leadership practices. Rather it challenged us to think deeply and critically and ground our future decisions and behaviours in our own judgement of what is right, ethical and just in today’s world. A life’s work.

The Colloquium has inspired me to be a more courageous leader, a more thoughtful leader and to be more of an agent for change.

[…] To participate in the Cranlana Executive Colloquium was an immense privilege and one I am most grateful for. It has certainly left its permanent mark on me.”

Simon Holloway

Cranlana Executive Colloquium Alumnus, 2022

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The Cranlana Method

We don’t teach leadership skills. Instead, we help leaders apply the skills they already have more wisely – by building clarity of purpose and ethical courage. Drawing on a rich history of philosophical wisdom, they encourage fresh and considered approaches to challenges – offering insights that, for many participants, will fundamentally transform their concept of leadership. Our courses are dialogue-based and immersive, bringing small groups of high-level leaders together for discussions that are wide-ranging and expertly guided. They are rigorous, in-depth and practical, providing high-level learning experiences and understanding to strengthen your capabilities as an effective and ethical leader.

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