With the disruption of COVID-19, whistleblowing has never been more important

1 June, 2020

With so many major decisions being made so quickly, the coronavirus pandemic has increased risks for organisations. The vast amounts of money flying around create opportunities for financial misuse, while resource constraints and the speed of the response mean it’s easy for health and safety considerations to be overlooked. So it’s no surprise that one whistleblower hotline has seen an increase in calls.

Whistleblowing expert Sally McDow and Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership Lead Moderator Peter Mares talk about the potential pitfalls created by the temporary relaxation of rules which allow organisations to be nimble in their response to the crisis, the importance of a strong and effective whistleblowing process, and how to avoid hearing about your problems for the first time in the media.

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via The Mandarin, 31 May 20120

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash