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For Richer Or Poorer: What COVID-19 Is Teaching Us About Equality And Its Alternative

6 April, 2020

When the coronavirus is over, lead moderator Peter Mares wonders what lessons we will have learned.

“As well-worn paths of daily life disappear, it can feel like a familiar world is crumbling around us. Everything is in flux and nothing is certain.

Yet the coronavirus reveals fundamental truths about the human condition that can help us find our feet and point us towards a fairer future.”

The virus makes no distinction between people, confirming our basic equality something which Peter says should remind us that our luck — good or bad — is undeserved.

Many Australians have become accustomed to to relative economic security “but, as the contemporary manifestation of Camus’ plague pushes our economy over a cliff, everyone is getting a taste of the precariousness that already characterises many lives.”

“If insecurity is new and unwelcome in our lives, then we can assume that its pervasive presence was never welcome in the lives of others. It should give us pause to consider the levels of inequality and disadvantage that we allowed to build up during Australia’s long boom.”

The virus has also helped us identify common needs beyond the basic such as love, care, companionship, cultural expression, pleasure, meaningful activity and a sense of belonging, which cannot be achieved on our own.

“These difficult times challenge us to practice Aristotle’s virtues — along with more careful hand washing — until they become such a habit that they are part of who we are. In doing so, we lay the foundation for a stronger, more caring community after the threat from the virus recedes.”

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via Crikey, 3 April 2020

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash