Embedding a Culture of Ethics

22 June, 2020

The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship offers senior executives expert assistance with practical ethical theory of change into action within their organisations.

Bernie Wise, Senior Manager, Disputes & Customer Advocacy, chose to do the Fellowship because she liked the idea of it running over the course of a year. “I’d done a lot of reading about the Fellowship and had seen the quality of the cohorts too. Being able to take what we were discussing out into our different fields, test out these theories, embed the learning, extend ourselves, and then return to a space where we could discuss these theories further felt like an extraordinary privilege.”

“The biggest thing I got from the Fellowship was becoming better able to understand people’s motivations. It became clear that it wasn’t about them being a good or bad person but just that they might have a different belief system based on their upbringing or their culture. I did have a bad habit of trying to solve problems on the spot due to time pressures of roles and I sometimes didn’t listen; I would just respond to try resolve the issue efficiently to get stuff done. Now I’m actively listening to understand the existing issues and positions, I’m not just listening to respond. That was a huge learning curve for me and as a result I’m a much better manager and a colleague. I’m also more effective at embedding a culture of ethics and getting that across to my teams and the broader business. Ethics in business has been in the spotlight  over the past few years. It’s all about the question: what do you do when no one’s looking? That’s what I think ethics is – doing the right thing even when no one is watching”

“The course made me a lot more comfortable in my skin. It allowed me to appreciate the value and the worth of my opinions and of what I’m prepared to tolerate and what I will challenge. It provided me with an exceptional ethical decision-making framework. It made me braver and more aware of the positive impact I can have.”