traditional leaders

Traditional Leaders’ Wisdom

3 November, 2020

While the traditional leaders interviewed in this BBC video have been asked for advice for Trump and Biden, their insights into leadership, gathered during their time as leaders of their communities, are broadly and universally applicable.

The three elders – Stephen Oruma Ole Nkaru from Kenya, Ven. Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche from Tibet and John Rice, Zahgausgai Mukwa from Wasauksing First Nation in Canada – know what it takes to become a leader. From deep in the Maasai lands of Kenya to high in the mountains of Tibet, these traditional leaders share wisdom that has relevance for every leader.

The Wasauksing First Nation’s tradition of thinking seven generations into the future ensures that all decision-making considers long-term impacts, and helps counter immediate and short-term thinking. The importance of tolerance, empathy, measured approaches and inclusiveness is emphasised by all three leaders.

BBC, 3 November 2020. View the full episode here.

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Photo by Daniele Salutari on Unsplash