Cranlana programs

Tour Cranlana’s Gardens

4 May, 2020

Alumni who have participated in programs at Cranlana, the Myer family home in Melbourne, understand that the gardens form a peaceful backdrop to the hard work and challenging conversations happening inside the ballroom. Taking participants out of their familiar environments is an important part of the format, providing surrounds which allow full immersion in the business of interrogating practices and approaches. In other states we deliver in similar locations.

The pandemic has seen life largely move online, and while there have been many benefits to being able to virtually meet from our various locations, it has also reinforced the timeless value of coming together in person. Cranlana Centre’s dialogue-based and immersive programs offer a sense of community by bringing small groups of high-level leaders together for discussions that are wide-ranging and expertly guided.

When we are once again able to come together in groups we look forward to welcoming you to Cranlana, or one of the other unique locations our programs are delivered in nationally.

Enjoy this rare glimpse of this historic Victorian garden. Watch the episode here.

via ABC , 1 April 2020