Too Hard Basket

18 October, 2021

Every Friday on Radio National’s Life Matters guests are challenged with a listener’s dilemma – to discuss, unravel, and maybe even help solve . On Friday 15 October Dr Matthew Beard, Vincent Fairfax Fellowship Program Director, joined Monica Dullard, librarian and comedian, and the Life Matters team.

My biological clock is ticking but my partner won’t commit until I develop a relationship with his parents.

Lucy is almost 35 and hasn’t had children yet. Her partner says he has an engagement ring, wants to marry her and have a family together. 

But he says he won’t take the next step in their relationship until she develops more of a relationship with his parents. However, with Covid travel restrictions, this hasn’t been possible and they won’t do family FaceTime due to anxieties with technology. 

Lucy fears her fertility dropping, and the risk it poses to hers, and their future child’s health.

After speaking about the health concerns, he remains firm in his expectations about getting to know his parents before he takes the next steps. 

She wants to get to know them better too, this may be possible next year, but even then it will probably take a few visits to build that rapport. 

Lucy asks: “I need to feel like we are moving forward, but do I just need to be more patient? Or am I ignoring red flags? How do we find a middle ground?”

via Life Matters, Radio National, 15 October 2020. Listen to the full episode here.

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Photo by Eduardo Rodriguez on Unsplash