Congratulations Terri Janke, winner of 2019 Chief Executive Women Vincent Fairfax Fellowship scholarship

11 July, 2019

Updated 26 October 2020

Chief Executive Women (CEW) announce Terri Janke as the winner of a scholarship to undertake the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship at Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership.

The inaugural scholarship known as the “CEW & Vincent Fairfax Fellowship” was offered to senior women executives of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage in a partnership between CEW and Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership

Announcing the 2019 winner, CEW Scholarships Committee Chair, Colleen Harris, says: “CEW is committed to enabling talented women to lead and excel in senior roles. We are delighted to partner with Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership in support of senior Indigenous women at critical stages in their careers.

“For Australia to realise the benefits we know that diversity can deliver, we must also get a critical mass of diverse women in senior positions of influence and leadership.”

“CEW’s scholarships help women executives and entrepreneurs hone their skills and expand their networks to propel their careers and businesses forward.”

Peter Collins, Program Director of the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship delivered by Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership, says: “We are delighted to partner with Chief Executive Women and welcome more Indigenous women leaders to the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship program.

“Terri Janke is already an outstanding Indigenous leader and we look forward to working with her so she can make an even greater difference.
“The Fellowship has been committed for 25 years to fostering Indigenous leadership and Terri joins a long-standing group of Indigenous Fellows. CEW’s commitment is a sign that this tradition will continue and is renewed.”

Terri Janke is a solicitor and managing director of Terri Janke and Company, a law and consulting firm specialising in Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) and commercial law. Her firm advises both Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients to meet their business and cultural goals in the arts, film, tourism, education and technology.

Terri, a proud Aboriginal (Wuthathi) and Torres Strait Islander (Meriam) woman, was a 2013 Westpac AFR Woman of Influence (Business Entrepreneurs category) and 2011 National NAIDOC Person of the Year.

Terri says: “I am honoured to be a part of the 2019/20 cohort and look forward to learning, listening, and sharing. It is timely for me as my business is growing and there are many decisions and challenges. The Fellowship will give me a framework and a network to assist me develop Indigenous and non-Indigenous opportunities that will have lasting impact.”

The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship™ is offered by Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership for a small yet richly diverse cohort of senior executives to engage openly and in confidence about their organisation’s ethical challenges. It helps participants to define, understand and address their ethical challenges to help them make decisions with confidence and clarity.
The CEW and Vincent Fairfax Fellowship is part of the 2019 CEW Scholars program, which is providing 19 talented Australian women with the opportunity to take their careers to the next level by supporting executive education at internationally acclaimed business schools

In 2020 Terri Janke contributed to the development by the Australian Council for the Arts of protocols for using first nations cultural and intellectual property in the arts.

“While works by individual artists are protected by copyright, Australia does not yet have a law that prevents alteration, distortion or misuse of traditional symbols, songs, dances, performances and story that may be part of the heritage of particular Indigenous language groups. This is where the Australia Council for the Arts’ Protocols for using First Nations Intellectual and Cultural Property in the Arts comes in. The protocols provide a pathway for collaborations and creation of new Indigenous work.” Dr Terri Janke

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