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Does AI—and, more specifically, conscious AI—deserve moral rights?

In this video thought exploration, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, ethics and tech professor Joanna Bryson, philosopher and cognitive scientist Susan Schneider, physicist Max Tegmark, philosopher Peter Singer, and bioethicist Glenn Cohen all weigh in on the question of AI rights.

via Big Think, 8 July 2020

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purpose of a company

What is Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership?

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership is Monash University, The Myer Foundation and Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation working in partnership.

We don’t teach leadership skills. We help leaders put the skills they have to use – with clarity, wisdom and courage by drawing on more than two millennia of philosophical thinking to foster in-depth, practical discussions that sharpen critical reasoning.

Relating those philosophical concepts directly to challenges they’ve encountered, participants examine and strengthen their personal ethical frameworks, giving themselves a solid footing for steering future decision-making.

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purpose of a company

Leaders and businesses that recognise the importance of ethics and integrity are strongly positioned to move confidently and positively into the future.

To achieve this a strong ethical framework for decision making is crucial.

Confidence in your moral agency and ethical leadership capacity will prepare you for the foreseen, and unforeseen, challenges of the future.

By understanding the fundamental philosophies that underpin our society, today’s leaders can learn to critically examine the ethical impact of their actions – so they can help build a better society together.

Investing in your own professional development and that of your team ensures you share an understanding of the ethical choices you and your organisation are facing.

Leaders who have done this hard work are better prepared to make the right decision at the right time for the right reason.

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Who do you trust? How have we lost it, how could we regain it, and how can we reinstate integrity and truth. Hamish Macdonald is joined by Katie Allen, Jacqui Lambie, Clare O’Neil, Simon McKeon and Jack Manning Bancroft.

via ABC Q&A, 17 February 2020

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