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post covid leadership

How can leaders dealing with the COVID crisis lay the foundations for success in a post-COVID world?

COVID has turned our world upside down. With no certain end in sight, structural, strategic and psychological change is constantly on our minds. And for executives, managers and anyone who leads a team, the complexity of the decision-making being asked of us right now is, dare I say, unprecedented.

At the same time as leading our organisations through the immediate crisis, we need to lay the foundations to ensure success in our post-COVID life (date TBC), make tough business decisions for now and the future, manage complex risk factors we don’t fully understand, and lead our people with compassion and fairness. It’s a tough gig.

Cranlana Centre CEO Vanessa Pigrum explores the leadership skills required.

via Acuity Magazine, 12 August 2020

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big data

The world’s first guide on data ethics for brands has been launched to encourage companies to see the vital important of addressing the gap between what they can do and what they should do. For the industry, prioritising people over data is regarded as important for brands’ long-term licence to operate. Data ethics are, however, more than the bottom line. Big tech firms have come under increasing scrutiny for their collection and use of data, and the impact that’s had on everything from consumer choices in groceries to political candidates. Questions are being raised about who is building the systems, how they’re using the data and who gets to make these decisions.

August 2020

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Where our scientific knowledge is insufficient and where theological answers fail to compel and convince us, philosophy remains a useful endeavour.

That doesn’t mean that all philosophising done at the frontier is useful, interesting, or worth listening to, however. Philosophy that is ignorant of science, or of the bizarre and arcane logical rules that science can often follow, will lead even the most brilliant of thinkers astray. To the speculative, curious mind, however, what is known today will never be satisfactory. Until science makes those critical advances, philosophising will be a necessary tool for gazing beyond today’s frontier.

Which is why Cranlana’s programs draw on more than two millennia of philosophical thinking to foster in-depth, practical discussions that sharpen critical reasoning and strengthen moral courage.

Forbes, 30 June 2020

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