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equality, virtue ethics

Lead Moderator Peter Mares considers what Covid-19 is teaching us about equality and its alternative.

When this is over, what lessons will we have learned?

“If insecurity is new and unwelcome in our lives, then we can assume that its pervasive presence was never welcome in the lives of others. It should give us pause to consider the levels of inequality and disadvantage that we allowed to build up during Australia’s long boom.”

Perhaps during this time we can lay the foundation for a stronger, more caring community after the threat from the virus recedes.

Crikey, 3 April 2020

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healthcare covid19 migration

Temporary visa holders and recent permanent migrants play a vital role in healthcare and the economy — and Lead Moderator Peter Mares says that’s just one reason why the rules need to keep evolving during the current crisis.

Inside Story, 21 March 2020

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climate change as an ethical imperative

The 2019 Ethics Index quantifies the perceptions of adult Australians of the overall importance of ethics, and what the actual level of ethical behaviour is, within Australian society, examining various sectors, organisations, occupations, issues and influences across. On Climate Change the message for business leaders is clear – Australians believe they have an urgent ethical obligation to act.

Lawyers Weekly, December 2019

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