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Is public discourse of migration in Australia too narrow? Border regulation, the labour market, analyses of criminal justice data and the experience of international students – it’s all inter-related and needs to be considered together to shape a healthy migration policy. You can listen to the conversation here.
ABC, Radio National, 27 November 2019

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Before the 2019 Melbourne Cup our Lead Moderator Peter Mares considered what we owe the horses running in it. Does the same Enlightenment-era reasoning that produced our cherished concepts of human equality and human dignity lead us to conclude that we have extensive obligations to other animals?
The Canberra Times, 4 November 2019

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The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety interim report has been delivered. Before it was released Lead Moderator Peter Mares predicted what some of its findings might be and suggested that there is a role to be played by all of us in addressing needs which, if we’re fortunate enough to live a long life, we will all experience.
The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 October 2019

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