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While work will likely never go back to our pre-pandemic status quo, the future will be a blended one that leverages the best of what both virtual and face-to-face experiences can offer. Collaboration, innovation, acculturation, and dedication are difficult to replicate virtually and sustain without some face-to-face interaction.

via HBR, 4 January 2021

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Many organisations include ‘ethics’ in their vision and mission statements and policies without truly understanding what it means to be an ethical organisation. Outside a few countries in the West, the concept of Organisational Ethics is largely unknown. The authors of this article in Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper are members of the Bioethics Group, Aga Khan University, and make the case for the importance of OE, particularly in healthcare.

via Dawn, 15 March 2021

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Responsible investments are the hot new trend. Richard Brandweiner, an alumnus of the Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership, chair of Impact Investing Australia and chief executive, Australia, of investment manager Pendal – sees the beginning of a long-term transition in asset allocation towards responsible investing. But transparency and reporting standards are needed to avoid greenwashing.

via Acuity, 30 September 2021

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