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How do you do the right thing? CEO Vanessa Pigrum talks about ethical leadership in Australia, and the role of Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership in building, strengthening and supporting its development across all sectors. After 25 years we know a thing or two about the topic, and the 23% increase in demand for our programs reflects the growing expectation that the organisations responsible for shaping our society act ethically and responsibly.
The Deal Magazine, The Australian, 22 October 2019

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There is increasingly an expectation that desire individuals will be held accountable for the outcomes of toxic cultures. But how can that be achieved in a fair and sustainable way? CEO Vanessa Pigrum doesn’t “think stricter laws or regulations are going to address cultural issues. You cannot regulate for every occurrence, or every cultural development.” So by what other means can people be held to account?
HRM online, 16 October 2019

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