Alison Morley

Alison Morley

Head of business development

Western Power

New language of ethics

Before I attended Cranlana I didn’t have the language to express what I was trying to do with my life. I thought about things in really vague concepts. Now I can say something that motivates me is the ability to increase the capability of people around me and that by doing so I’m helping make a better society. It’s different to just saying I want to be a good mentor to people. There’s a real change in the way you think about things if you can enunciate them clearly.

I have a picture on my desk given to me by a fellow attendee. If I have a difficult decision to make I look at it and it prompts me. It gives a good, clear motivation to hang some of my hard decisions off, whether it’s having to sack someone or tell someone they’re not ready to be promoted, or whether I’m trying to get someone promoted when others are telling me not to. It’s a touchpoint, Cranlana.