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Are Soft Skills More Important Than Ever in Leadership?

6 April, 2020

Soft skills’ in leadership refer to a host of skills such as empathy, teamwork, flexibility, positivity, and adaptability. They may be harder to measure but are invaluable in shaping leaders’ abilities to communicate, manage change and build workplace culture.

In this article a number of leaders, including Cranlana Centre’s CEO Vanessa Pigrum, were asked whether soft skills are more important than ever in leadership.

The answer, she says, is “A resounding Yes! Leaders are being asked to make tough decisions in quick succession, which need to balance the long-term viability of their businesses with the immediate needs of the people around them. There are few clear-cut answers at the moment and leaders, more than ever, need to exercise judgement in a complex situation. External conditions are changing rapidly so what is most needed in leadership is the ability to draw from deeply-held values and ethical foundations. It certainly helps if you already have a clear understanding of your own ethical values, such as fairness and equity, and can practice the discipline of taking enough time to consider what the unintended consequences of the decision might be before you commit to it.”

“These soft skills, along with the ability to creatively imagine alternative future options, are critical for the clear and courageous leadership that we need right now.”

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via Dynamic Business, 1 April 2020