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How To Modernise Leadership For Racial Inclusion

14 September, 2020

It goes without saying that inclusive leadership will support more inclusive organisations, but are leaders prepared to make the hard decisions necessary to adapt to the realities of inclusion?

Modernising leadership, in the face of a new age of racial equality, will inevitably require changes to the composition of leadership teams. This doesn’t mean loss of power for those who may instantly feel threatened about their positions. Rather, it means becoming more inclusive around leadership makeup, and support for Black and Brown employees.

Organisational activity to dismantle racism will necessarily involve work at leadership level to address how it approaches diversity, and inclusion, within its own ranks.

Modern leadership must encompass a variety of people and relevant skills in order to develop an inclusive workplace environment and customer base. It goes without saying that this is the task for any company that seeks to authentically engage with inclusion as a brand benefit.

No longer can leadership replicate its own image while making statements about diversity and inclusion.

In this article the author makes the case for inclusive leadership, and reiterates the business case for diversity.

Forbes,  Carmen Morris, 4 August 2020. Read the full article here.

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