Short and Custom Programs

A series of shorter programs, each with a tailored focus to help organisations sharpen their ethical practice.

Rebuild with clarity and purpose.

Online, custom-designed programs.

Cranlana stands ready to work with your organisation or sector to help you grapple with your specific challenges. We know that in the months ahead, professional development budgets will be constrained, and travel limited, yet there was probably never a more important time than now to focus on ethical leadership. Rebuilding with clarity and purpose requires laying the right foundations. Now is the time to invest in your team’s ability to lead ethically.

2020 has tested all of our assumptions. Cranlana’s online tailored programs can assist you and your team as you turn your mind towards recovery and rebuilding. There will be no going back to normal.

While we can’t at the moment come to you in person, we can still come to your organisation with a custom designed program tailored for your team’s needs.

At times like this it is more evident than ever that the right decisions at the top matter.  Leaders must respond quickly, ethically and effectively.  Aristotle argued that good judgements rest on traditional virtues like courage, fairness, self-restraint, integrity and practical wisdom. These virtues are needed more than ever as we imagine a new future.

Using Cranlana’s established method of shared inquiry and peer learning, we can design a program to suit your needs right now. Timeless philosophical texts, relevant contemporary readings and expert facilitation will provide the stimulus for in-depth discussions and targeted problem-solving. The focus will be on enabling participants to identify which principles and values should inform their vision of the future and underpin the process of rebuilding.


See below in our custom program section for more information on how we can work with you

To help organisations sharpen their ethical practice we offer a series of shorter programs, each with a tailored focus – including a two-day Executive Ethics program for senior leaders, and custom programs for in-house leadership teams or for specific industry sectors.

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The ethical challenges that arise in different industries can vary dramatically. It’s vital that any given leadership team has a shared understanding of ethical frameworks when it comes to making significant decisions.

To meet this need, Cralana Centre offers a number of short programs that focus on the particular ethical challenges that arise within various industry sectors – as well as the option to create specially customised programs to fit the requirements of an individual organisation

Our short programs include Executive Ethics, a two-day interactive masterclass in practical ethical leadership. Pragmatic, rigorous and outcome-focused, it provides practical tools for senior leaders to foster their personal and organisational ethics, and to prepare for unforeseen ethical challenges.

For organisations that face more specific ethical challenges, Cranlana Centre also creates custom courses to address the particular needs of certain sectors or industries, as well as short interactive presentations suitable for conferences or retreats. These custom programs are designed to get teams thinking and working together through the concerns they’re likely to encounter – to make sure they develop the skills to effectively tackle ethical issues.

All participants join Cranlana Centre’s Alumni, and gain access to the full range of benefits including the regular Saturday Sessions, afternoon forums focused on a topical issue of national importance.

Executive Ethics

Created for senior leaders, this program is delivered online and face-to-face.

In Person 

The face-to-face program is a two-day masterclass in practical ethical leadership – covering a whole gamut of approaches to nurturing better ethical behaviour in organisations.

Featuring in-depth discussions on key philosophical frameworks and practical skill development around ethical workplace leadership, it’s a crash course in how to put an organisation on the right ethical track.

Pragmatic, rigorous and outcome-focused, it gives participants the tools to prepare for unforeseen ethical challenges, have challenging conversations around ethical issues, avoid workplace ‘ethical fade’, and to recognise and rework the organisational structures that can create ethical tensions.

The program includes a welcome dinner to help participants get acquainted, along with a prestigious guest speaker discussing the practicalities of ethical corporate leadership.


The program is 8 x 90 minute online sessions over four days, with an additional 90 minute online follow up session to consolidate and reflect on the learnings post-completion of the program.

We won’t talk at you or bombard you with endless powerpoint slides, and we won’t pretend that there are easy solutions to complex problems. All our sessions are ‘live’, so you need to be able to attend on the day and fully immerse yourself in the discussions. But sessions have been crafted in morning and afternoon blocks of 90-minutes, both to counter ‘Zoom-fatigue’, and to give you time during the day to deal with other priorities.

The essence of the Cranlana approach is not teaching, but a process of shared inquiry that draws on the combined resources of the participants’ professional experience. Two expert moderators use carefully selected texts to guide in depth discussions in both roundtable and small group formats.

Along with gaining concrete skills, participants also join our extensive network of Cranlana Alumni, gaining access to a whole range of exclusive events where they can deepen their connection with some of Australia’s most extraordinary leaders.

By their very nature, ethical issues present no easy answers – but this program provides essential know-how to help organisations approach them with confidence and clarity.

Program Outcomes

  • Discover practical tools for ethical leadership
  • Sharpen your understanding of how organisational structures influence ethics in practice
  • Strengthen your capacity to make ethical judgement in unforeseen and challenging situations
  • Expand your knowledge of philosophical frameworks
  • Investigate aspects of moral psychology, including cognitive bias, ethical fading, moral disengagement and groupthink
  • Build your capacity for applying moral courage

Dates & Information

Executive Ethics Program

Suitable for:

Senior leaders across the private,
government and not-for-profit sectors.


11 – 12 Nov 2020, Online

18 – 23 Feb 2021, Online

06 – 11 May 2021, Online

28 – 29 Jul 2021, Melbourne

06 – 07 Oct 2021, Sydney


$2,500 (including GST) face-toface

$2,100 (including GST) online

Enquire for not-for-profit rates

“Before I attended Cranlana I didn’t have the language to express what I was trying to do with my life. There’s a real change in the way you think about things if you can enunciate them clearly.”

Alison Morley, former Head of Business Development, Western Power

“We all have a sense of what is just and right. It is even more the case when it comes to ageing, where our assumptions lead to actions have such impact on older Australians. Cranlana offers the time to stop, think, listen and speak.”

Nick Ryan, Former Chief Executive Office, Australian Aged Care Quality Agency

“I have some deep thinking to do.  I haven’t checked myself enough.”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“In my professional practice I like to do one thing each year that is a reward for me.  Cranlana for me is a place where I go so deep inside my head.  As a result, things happen at what I’ve come to call “Philosophy Speed’ – which is not rushed, it is fuelled by reflection and a search for answers. For me, it adds a vital dimension to a lived life.”

Andy Farrant, Principal, One Degree Advisory

“I’ve participated in a number of excellent leadership programs. Only Cranlana got to the core of our humanity, our leadership purpose. It changed my perspective, what I tolerate and how I act.”

Australian Public Sector Colloquium Alumna

“In the mining industry, many factors can compete with each other – safety, the environment, traditional owners, shareholders and government. This Fellowship gave me the skills to navigate the increasingly complex decision-making framework while ensuring that I do not compromise my values or those of my company"

Rob Atkinson, former Chief Operation Officer, Copper Group, Rio Tinto Ltd

“This week has been re-affirming. It has echoed my beliefs. I have some tools now. It has been powerful. I want to have more courage to speak out about bad behaviours.”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“Learning from a broad range of people with fascinating backgrounds and who were passionate about their work and life added the extra dimension. The sharing of ideas that resulted was magnificent. it has both shaped, reinforced and extended my thinking and has influenced the way I approach my personal and professional life.”

Australian Public Sector Colloquium Alumnus

“Because of my participation Cranlana’s Executive Colloquium, I have a much greater appreciation of the broader issues influencing decision-making and will be able to make better judgements.”

Major General Rick Burr DSC AM MVO, Deputy Chief of Army Australian Army

“Cranlana gave me the opportunity for deep reflection on m prejudices and assumptions, thought patterns and actions. It was one of the most rewarding and intellectually stimulating things I have ever done.”

Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor and President, Charles Sturt University

“A stimulating week and diverse range of views in this room. It is a privilege. The moderators create a safe space and everyone was supportive in the room. What will I do from here?  What will I commit to?”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“The Ethical Leadership Program was an incredibly valuable learning experience. I learnt many practical strategies and tips which I have been able to apply directly to my work. I left the course feeling very inspired and enriched after two days of great debate and informed discussion. I would highly recommend this course.”

Sophie Ryan, Chief Executive Office, Sony Foundation

“It has been a revelation.  I see things differently now – through different eyes.”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“I will ask WHY?  I will say NO.  When we reach the finish line – move it forward.”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“This has been the best investment of my time and money in a long time. I am in a bubble in my workplace.”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“I’ve participated in a number of excellent leadership programs. Only Cranlana got to the core of our humanity, our leadership purpose. It changed my perspective, what I tolerate and how I act.”

Australian Public Sector Colloquium Alumna

“It was without a doubt an enriching experience, challenging in a positive way, and gave a privileged space to give deep thinking to issues of ethical leadership which I would not have had without this opportunity presenting itself. I certainly went away with new perspectives, and new challenges to tackle!”

Executive Colloquium Alumnus

“The program was really about directing attention to the right places. For me it was about the impact we all have on other people. The Colloquium taught me to reflect on and understand the role I play in government where I have a large people function supporting 5,500 across multiple disciplines. It was one of those “I get it” moments; it helped me get my place in the world. Everyone who leads people should do it.  It was an incredible experience.”

Darren Bickham, Former Acting Executive Director People and Culture, NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

“I think about the conversations I had at Cranlana every day.”

Julian Burnside AO, QC

“Cranlana enables ideas to be examined properly. You test and clarify your opinions and beliefs, leaving you confident and either able to defend them with certainty or with a new respect for alternatives you had not previously explored.”

Executive Colloquium Alumnus

“It has allowed important reflection time from the chaos. It has confirmed that ethical choices are challenging, exhausting but they offer mental freedom.  This program is a check and balance.”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“Cranlana was the most inspiring and stimulating time of my life. It left me with a renewed interest in the importance of the discussion of ethics in our society and how that relates to our individual lives.”

Caecilia Potter, Designer Director, Atticus & Milo

“Learning from a broad range of people with fascinating backgrounds and who were passionate about their work and life added the extra dimension. The sharing of ideas that resulted was magnificent. it has both shaped, reinforced and extended my thinking and has influenced the way I approach my personal and professional life.”

Australian Public Sector Colloquium Alumna

“I felt I couldn’t make a difference at work and I felt despair.  I can’t walk away from my work now. I need to stay and tell stories. There is power in the narrative.”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“If only every leader in Australia could do the Colloquium – an antidote that would strengthen our collective leadership.”

Suzette Corr, Group Executive People and Culture, Transurban

“It has broadened my awareness. Where to from here?  I have a new profoundness.  I am a father of 2 boys. I need to be responsible. I need to take care of the little things I say and do.”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“The important thing for me was the shared perspective of the other people in the group and carefully considering and reflecting on the approaches to our work.  I was constantly learning through the discussions with, and the experiences of, the others. The other really valuable thing I gained was that I formed some new connections.”

Miranda Bruyniks, former Deputy Commissioner, Disability Services Commissioner

“Cranlana offers an important reminder of the power of diversity of opinion in an environment of trust. The situation fostered at Cranlana is difficult to find in the modern workplace and as leaders, we are the poorer for it. The Executive Colloquium was the most productive, most insightful and most beneficial six days I've had in my 35 year military career.”

CN Saint, CSC, Lieutenant Colonel, Chief of Staff/Deputy Commandant, HQ Army Aviation Training Centre

“I value this group of people. How will I consolidate all these learnings?  These ideas speak to all people not just those working in education or justice.”

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

“We are all confronting different types of ethical leadership issues, no matter what industry or role we work in. The program challenged my thinking around ethical leadership and produced great frameworks to enable me to approach decision-making on complex issues, keeping in mind both the organisation’s and my own values. I would highly recommend this program to all leaders.”

Robyn Batson, Group People and Development Manager, Sussan Group

Custom Programs

How we can work with you - online

Cranlana has been delivering customised in-house workshops for organisations and teams for many years. Our regular clients include federal and state government departments, regulatory bodies, and private companies from the health, finance and planning sector. 

We are now delivering these programs online for current and new clients. Let us design an in-house online program for your organisation.

To promote maximum interactivity and participation we recommend 90 minute sessions with no more than 20 participants per session. The number of sessions can be tailored according to your needs.

Please call Cranlana on 03 9827 2660 and speak to Caroline Gibson, Director Client Relations, about your needs, your budget and the ways we can work with you to strengthen courage, clarity and ethical leadership with your managers, board, executive team and colleagues. 


Cranlana Centre works with a wide range of government, commercial, professional peak bodies and not-for-profit partners to create in-depth programs that dive into the specifics vital to their sector’s future.

These custom programs are generally team-focused, helping to get an organisation’s work force collaborating on ethical scenarios they might encounter – so that they’re ready when the real challenges arise.

Our custom programs provide a targeted Cranlana experience for existing teams and vary in structure and focus depending on your specific needs.

All custom programs are grounded in Cranlana’s interactive learning approach, but can be delivered in a variety of formats. Options include:

  • Providing the ethics component within a multi-day professional development workshop
  • Constructing a customised two-day program tackling the ethical issues specific to your organisation
  • Providing expert speakers to draw out and challenge ethical assumptions
  • Providing moderators and guests for panel discussions
  • 90-minute interactive workshops for conferences or retreats

Custom programs can be delivered at Cranlana Centre or a venue of your choice.


Commissioning a Program

For more information, or to commission a custom program, contact us at or on 03 9827 2660.

Program Outcomes

  • Discover practical tools for to tackling ethical issues in your workplace
  • Strengthen your capacity to make ethical judgements in unforeseen and challenging situations
  • Create shared understandings of ethical choices across a leadership team
  • Hone ethical reasoning and critical thinking skills
  • Examine approaches to sector-specific ethical issues
  • Reconnect to your professional purpose and personal values-based goals


If you would like to obtain further information about the activities of the Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership, please contact us on (03) 9827 2660 or send us an enquiry