Cranlana’s professional development courses offer a transformative learning experience designed to help individuals unlock their full potential as effective, ethical leaders.

Professional development courses at Cranlana provide a distinctive and rewarding learning experience for anyone looking to advance their knowledge and expertise in a range of career-related fields. These courses are designed to foster critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and effective leadership, empowering professionals to excel in their roles. Our professional development courses offer participants insightful knowledge about their own professional methods and how to apply them in real-world situations through interactive discussions, case studies, and practical activities.

Whether you are looking to advance your career, take on new responsibilities, or simply broaden your perspectives, Cranlana’s professional development courses equip you with the tools and confidence to succeed in any work environment.

Professional training and development

Professional development is essential for individuals and leaders to stay competitive and succeed within their organisations and professional careers. Professional development training courses offer a structured approach to expanding your skill set and improving your performance. These professional development courses cover a wide range of topics, from technical skills and industry-specific knowledge to soft skills such as communication, leadership, and problem-solving. Professional development training provides a platform for networking and collaborating with other professionals, fostering valuable connections that can lead to new opportunities and career advancement. For employers, investing in professional development training for their staff can result in a more skilled and efficient workforce, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the organisation.

By participating in Cranlana’s professional development courses, individuals gain the skills and confidence to navigate ethical dilemmas, make informed decisions, and lead with integrity. The immersive learning experience not only enhances participants’ professional abilities but also contributes to their personal growth and self-awareness.

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Cranlana professional development programs

Cranlana’s professional development courses provide targeted learning experiences designed to enhance ethical thinking and leadership abilities across various sectors. These courses are specifically tailored to help you elevate your professional practice and excel in your career.

Vincent Fairfax Fellowship

Vincent Fairfax Fellowship: This professional development program encourages leaders to enhance their ethical professional development practice. It offers a unique platform for participants to delve into complex ethical challenges and develop creative solutions. Through collaborative learning and guided reflection, participants build a robust network of leaders committed to making a positive impact in their respective fields.

The Colloquium

The Colloquium: Cranlana’s signature program serves senior and emerging leaders across the private, public, and community sectors. It provides a thorough exploration of leadership principles and fosters critical reflection. Participants gain exposure to diverse viewpoints and engage in insightful discussions, bolstering their ethical foundations and professional development skills.

Executive Ethics

Executive Ethics: This foundational course is designed for leaders who want to incorporate ethical considerations into their decision-making. It encourages participants to deeply analyse their values and practices, establishing a strong ethical framework for professional development. Through interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, leaders learn to navigate complex ethical dilemmas and embed ethical thinking into their professional lives.

Customised Ethics Programs

This leadership program: These programs offer bespoke strategies tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your organisation. Cranlana partners with your organisation to create and deliver targeted ethics training and initiatives. These customised programs equip your team with practical tools and insights to nurture an ethical culture and drive professional success.


You can enrol in a course by visiting our website and following the registration process. Select the course you’re interested in, and complete the expression of interest or contact us for more information.

Each course offers different skills and knowledge but you can expect a range of activities including, professional development retreats, online issue sessions, self-directed learning, reflective practice, one-on-one mentoring and community building.

We offer a range of leadership courses, including executive ethics, flagship programs for senior and emerging leaders, fellowships, and customised ethics programs tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Professionals at any stage of their careers can benefit from professional development courses. Whether you are just starting out or looking to advance in your career, these courses can help you gain new skills, broaden your expertise, and stay competitive in the workforce.

Yes, the skills and knowledge gained from professional development courses can often be directly applied to your current job, helping you improve performance and efficiency.

“It was, quite simply, the best professional development experience of my working life.
The beauty of the Colloquium is that it didn’t prescribe what we should think or adapt into our lives and leadership practices. Rather, it challenged us to think critically and ground our future decisions and behaviours in our own judgement of what is right, ethical and just. A life’s work.”

Simon Holloway, Director of Environment and Infrastructure, City of Stonnington

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