How Principals Can Help Students Navigate Ethical Challenges

12 December, 2019

Prior to making history as Geelong Grammar School’s first female principal, and first Australian born, Cranlana alumna and moderator Rebecca Cody was head of Methodist Ladies College (MLC) in Perth. Here she successfully introduced a ‘Thrival Curriculum’ and Positive Education programs.

She know that today’s students are more ethically and socially aware than ever before. For teachers and principals, this can present a challenge. “Our responsibility as educators is to equip learners with the competencies and attitudes to succeed. This includes teaching them the functional skills that are expected by our society; and equally, we need to educate in ways that will enable young people to lead a dignified, decent life.”

In this article she talks about teaching children to navigate ethical challenges and pressures, the complex environments modern principals work in, and the three concepts she reflects upon in this context.

To Cody it feels “universally human to discover the frameworks that underpin our society and how the greatest minds have approached perennial questions on how best to live”.

“Whilst we don’t have to agree with them, we can use their thinking as a scaffold for contemporary practice”.

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The Educator online, 11 December 2019