Peter McMullin

Walking Away From Omelas

15 July, 2020

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership was formed to make change for the better.  We want our alumni to walk out the door fired up to take action and make positive changes in their world. 

Alumnus Peter McMullin, a successful lawyer, businessman and philanthropist, knows the impact a Cranlana program can have on participants. During his participation in an Executive Colloquium he had something of an epiphany which pointed him “in a direction I ultimately would have gone on one day anyway, but it really spurred me into action.” With an interest in global human rights and the arts, Peter was active in philanthropy at the time, but the Cranlana program was a turning point and a trigger for his future philanthropy.

“I had not thought, ‘What does a good life look like for Peter McMullin?’ And I answered that question.”

Peter McMullin, lawyer, businessman and philanthropist

In the years since attending the program Peter has has been demonstrating that good life in his philanthropy. He has made significant donations, most recently to the Science Gallery of Melbourne, and established a number of philanthropically focussed organisations, including The Centre on Statelessness,  The Peter McMullin Foundation and the  Good Business Foundation which is supporting social enterprises and exploring, among other things, the impact investment market. Peter believes that ethical investments with measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial gain are the way forward.

In Peter’s view, good business is “not optional, it’s basically imperative that if you only want to attract the best people to your business, you’re going to have to have some attractive social purpose in your business. I think that’s a given from now. And if it wasn’t clear before COVID-19, it’s pretty clear now.” Ethical considerations can no longer be after-thoughts. Well developed ethical practices should be part of every organisation’s DNA. “Businesses that aren’t doing it are not going to be successful, in my opinion.”

Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine 15 July 2020. Read the full article here.