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Why Do Start-ups and SMEs Need A Strong Ethical Foundation?

There are 305 million start-ups in the world, and 100 million more opening each year. Of these, a frighteningly high proportion will fail. It is arguably tougher for women founders, with fewer of them and barriers such as the gender gap in venture capital investment continuing to be a problem. So, what do start-ups and SMEs need to succeed?

via Womens Agenda, May 2021


New Ethical Tests for Our Leaders

What does ethical leadership look like in the time of COVID-19? How do leaders respond to the challenge of rallying staff around a common goal during a global pandemic? Moral philosopher and ethicist Dr Matt Beard, Program Director of the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship, in conversation in this Philanthropy Australia podcast.

via Philanthropy Australia , May 2021

decision making

How To Make The Right Decision

The vast majority of ethical dilemmas do not relate to large scale fraud or stealing. They are dilemmas we all face daily in the course of our work says Cranlana Centre CEO Vanessa Pigrum.

via Australian Financial Review, 6 May 2021

Anzac Day

Supporting Veterans During And After Service – Anzac Day 2021

Commemorating Anzac Day ties us to every Anzac Day that has come before. This year, James Carleton, Dr Matt Beard and Rev Kaye Ronalds discuss military ethics and chaplaincy as Australia’s longest war – in Afghanistan – comes to an end.

via ABC, God Forbid, 25 April 2021

ethical public service

How ‘Ethical Allies’ Elevate Public Service Capability

Cranlana Centre Lead Moderator Peter Mares believes now is the best time for public servants to reset personal motivation and re-imagine common concepts like consultation and collaboration, with the support of ethical allies.

via The Mandarin, 1 April 2021

recruitment ethics

Why Organisations Must Consider Ethics In Their Recruitment Processes

Cranlana Centre CEO Vanessa Pigrum says organisations need to consider the ethics of their recruitment process, and how it’s experienced by unsuccessful candidates. That experience will be shared widely, so it’s not only right but wise to make it a good one.

via Recruitment Marketing Magazine, 26 March 2021

inclusive team

How To Lead A Truly Inclusive Team

Diversity is more than just a corporate buzzword. For meaningful change within our offices, inclusion is key. Here, Carol Innes, Manager Aboriginal Cultural Heritage & Arts Development WA, Co-Chair Reconciliation WA and an alumna of Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership, reveals how leaders can foster inclusivity

via Marie Claire, 18 March 2021

organisational ethics

Matt Beard: Law Firm Could Have Consulted More Staff Before Taking Case

Dr Matt Beard, new Program Director of the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship, talks about the role of ethics in the workplace, and how they can guide people and organisations in difficult times. “If we think about ethics as being this shared custodianship of the common good and the things that matter to all of us, then talking about ethics becomes a way of creating opportunities and of maximising real value, not just market value.”

The Australian, 13 March 2021


International Women’s Day 2021

The theme for this year’s International Womens Day is Choose to Challenge. “A challenged world is an alert world, and from challenge comes change.”

We’ve asked the extraordinary women in our moderators group to consider and respond to the theme. We trust you’ll find their responses insightful, useful and inspiring.

March 8 2021

Rising Prices, Plummeting Rents

Australia’s housing market goes crazy — again. In this Inside Story article our Lead Moderator Peter Mares says that the impact of the pandemic on housing has yet to run its course, and Melbourne’s bizarre combination of rising property prices and plummeting rents should caution us against relying heavily on “the market” to allocate a crucial good such as housing.

Inside Story, 15 February 2021

australia day honours

Australia Day Honours 2021

This year alumna Tanya Hosch was named the South Australian state recipient – Australian of the Year, and eight Cranlana Centre alumni were awarded Australia Day Honours, recognising their service to their communities and contribution to building a just, prosperous and sustainable society. We offer our warmest congratulations to each on these well deserved awards.

social impact

Cranlana Centre’s Inaugural Impact Evaluation Survey

Cranlana is dedicated to strengthening wise and courageous leadership. Our purpose is to equip leaders to create change for the better in our society. After working with senior leaders across the private, government and not for profit sectors for nearly 30 years, have we? We launched our inaugural impact evaluation survey late last year to find out.

ethical boards

What Are The Ethical Responsibilities of Boards?

Are you contemplating joining a Board? Perhaps you’re taking up your first board role this year. Or are you an old hand, and member of many? Board membership can be prestigious, and a chance to support an organisation you believe in. By lending your experience and wisdom you can make a significant impact. It can be professionally and personally satisfying. It can also be a risk to your reputation and legacy if that Board or organisation misbehaves.

1 February 2020

employer brand

How Ethical Leadership Can Improve Your Employer Brand

How does your organisation ensure it stands out in the recruitment market? As you seek to recruit and retain the nest and brightest, CEO Vanessa Pigrum shares valuable insights about how ethical leadership improves your employer brand.

Recruitment Marketing Magazine, 11 December 2020

housing affordability

Housing Affordability in Australia

Peter Mares, Cranlana’s Lead Moderator, and Dr Michael Fotheringham, Executive Director, AHURI, talk to Hilary Harper and Michael Mackenzie about the impact on housing affordability of the sustained buoyancy in the property market, despite COVD-19.

Life Matters, ABC, 8 December 2020

public service

Queensland’s Director General of Transport on Ethical Leadership During COVID-19

Neil Scales OBE, Vincent Fairfax Fellow and Cranlana alumnus, reflects on the challenges he’s faced as Queensland’s Director-General, Transport and Main Roads, during COVD-19. A leader who brings a strong ethical focus to his work, Neil says consistency and clarity of communication has enabled him to make and implements some of the most complex and difficult decisions of his career.

The Mandarin, 4 December 2020


Courage in Leadership

Having the uncomfortable conversation, making the difficult choice, navigating unknown waters, implementing decisions in fluid situations, acting counterintuitively…doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason. These all take courage. Good leadership takes courage.

ethical leadership

Ethical Leadership Through Crisis and Coming Out of the Pandemic

Leaders, believe it or not, you don’t know everything. And not only is that OK, but your employees already know it—so one of the most important things you can do is acknowledge it. So says Vanessa Pigrum, CEO of Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership at Monash University.

via Venture Magazine, 23 November 2020

ethical leadership

2021 Cranlana Programs – In Person AND Online!

As we near the end of what has been been an extraordinary year globally, leaders in every sector and industry are future planning. You know ethical leadership is key to the success of that future, but it’s hard. How do you make the right decision when you face competing interests, conflicting advice, partial information and tight deadlines? What if doing the right thing is bad for the bottom line in the short-term or damages your career prospects? Wherever you and your team are starting 2021 – together, remotely, refining your existing business or reimagining what it could be – we can help you. Online and in-person 2021 programs are open for registration now.

mental health

Mental Health Matters. Bottom Line.

Alumnus Samantha Murray, Siemens Digital Industries Software ANZ CEO and Vice President, is a mental health advocate who sees the direct link between good mental health in the office and a successful organisation. In this article in CEO Magazine she talks about her “true belief … that without the mental and physical health of your teams, you don’t have a bottom line. If staff aren’t in a good headspace, if they’re not looking out for each other or feeling passionate about their work, your bottom line will struggle. Their mental health is just as important as revenue.”

via CEO Magazine, 6 November 2020

superannuation climate change

Saving for Retirement Gives You Power, and Ethical Responsibilities

If you’re in a superannuation fund, then, like it or not, you’ve got ethical decisions to make. More than 10 million Australians have a superannuation account. Which means, effectively, more than 10 million of us are mini-shareholders with the capacity to influence future business decisions. With that power, however small, comes responsibility.

via The Conversation, 4 November 2020