Alumnus David Cooke on the Importance of Knowing Your Supply Chain

11 December, 2019

Alumnus David Cooke talks with The Australian’s Supratim Adhikari about modern slavery, the importance of looking deeply into your suppliers, and how to maintain the integrity of your supply chain.

The proliferation of smart devices in our lives has a dirty secret, with the world’s biggest technology companies often turning a blind eye to the unfair working conditions under which the hardware is made.

According to Konica Minolta Australia managing director and chairman, David Cooke, the wor­king conditions are tantamount to modern slavery and it’s an affliction that thrives on the complexity of the global supply chain.

“Most of the well-known brands probably adhere to strict standards and they are not the real problem; the issue is that every piece of technology today is made up of multiple, in some cases hundreds, of components, sourced from multiple sources,” Dr Cooke said.

“You might be making something under strict guidelines in your facility but you have many smaller companies feeding in to your supply chain — that’s where the labour problems can occur.

“So it’s crucial for every major manufacturer to look deeply into their supply chain.”

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The Australian, 10 December 2019