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Mental Health Matters. Bottom Line.

10 November, 2020

Alumnus Samantha Murray, Siemens Digital Industries Software ANZ CEO and Vice President, is a mental health advocate who sees the direct link between good mental health in the office and a successful organisation. In this article in CEO Magazine she talks about her “true belief … that without the mental and physical health of your teams, you don’t have a bottom line. If staff aren’t in a good headspace, if they’re not looking out for each other or feeling passionate about their work, your bottom line will struggle. Their mental health is just as important as revenue.”

Samantha says the biggest challenge for companies going forward during the COVID-19 pandemic will be effectively managing a hybrid workforce of both in-person and virtual teams. “We can’t underestimate the social and mental impact the sudden shift to remote working has had on people. One day we had a destination and an environment to go to where we’d be surrounded by colleagues and the next, we didn’t. And there wasn’t any warning,” she says.

“Managing this new hybrid workforce needs to take place while ensuring creativity, collaboration and innovation – critical elements to remaining relevant and competitive, especially in the tech industry – aren’t negatively impacted.” In this article Sam talks about some of the fundamental ingredients organisations need to incorporate in their approaches, and suggests using the opportunity presented by the pandemic to take a “good, hard look” at how their business is managed.

“Several years ago, I completed a program at Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership and that’s when I first really started to examine my leadership style. Now COVID-19 has forced me to think about my style in a new context and about what will work today and tomorrow,” Samantha shares. “As I become increasingly adaptable to more complex environments and difficult decisions that I must make, my style is becoming more about resilience, intuition and most importantly, empathy.”

CEO Magazine, Julie Cooper, 6 November 2020. Read the full article here.

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Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash