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Cranlana Centre’s Inaugural Impact Evaluation Survey

1 February, 2021

Cranlana Centre is dedicated to strengthening wise and courageous leadership. Our purpose is to equip leaders to create change for the better in our society. So, have we?

We launched our inaugural impact evaluation survey in late 2020 to find out.

Having worked with senior leaders across the private, government and not for profit sectors for nearly 30 years, we wanted to benchmark the current state of ethical leadership, and measure the long-term impact of our programs on the professional lives of our alumni.  

Our programs challenge participants to deeply interrogate their own values and moral agency, and consider how to best use their skills and experience in their professional, and personal, lives.  They are designed to inspire them to walk out the door and take action in their world. Have they?

What did they tell us?

Unsurprisingly, most of the respondents (62.63%) have faced new or different ethical challenges as a result of COVID-19 and the shift to remote working. Fortunately, as 88.24% felt an increase in their own sense of moral courage, and 86.4% demonstrate that moral courage more often since completing a Cranlana program, they were well prepared to respond.

83% felt Cranlana had helped them understand the role of systems and organisational structures in creating ethical work cultures, and their responsibility as a leader to address this. It was perhaps this understanding that gave 84.31% a renewed sense of professional purpose. Certainly, a large number of alumni (45.1%) experienced significant career progression or changed careers in the first 3 years after completion of a Cranlana program.

Over 91% said the Cranlana program directly changed the way they operate as a leader, and 88.35% are more aware of the ethics underpinning their workplace decisions.  For 73.79% their ability to identify the underlying ethical questions within complex or emotive issues was sharpened. Which is a good thing for the nation, as 95.09% don’t believe Australia’s business leaders prioritise the ethical impacts of their decision making.

Over 68% said they’ve reframed their approach to existing ethical dilemmas in their daily life. Alumni have changed the way they make decisions, consult more with others and more actively seek expert advice. They are bringing wisdom and courage to their leadership practice, and using their influence to actively create change for the better.

What now?

Cranlana Centre will use the frank and thoughtful responses to continue to finesse and improve our programs, and guide us in our evolution. The findings will ensure the programs continue to be instrumental in the development of strong, ethical leadership across the country.

If you’ve not yet participated in a Cranlana program, we hope to welcome you soon.

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership’s programs include the 2 day Executive Ethics, 6 day Executive Colloquium and year-long Vincent Fairfax Fellowship. We also deliver online and tailored corporate programs. Find the right program for you. They are all held under the Chatham House Rule to encourage genuine and open debate, and allow participants to candidly discuss sometimes sensitive issues in private while allowing the topic and nature of the debate to be made public, and contribute to a broader conversation. The alumni program offers ongoing leadership development support and a lifelong connection with Cranlana.

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash