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How Organisations Can Maintain Critical Professional Development Through Online Courses

25 May, 2020

According to LinkedIn’s new Workforce Confidence Index the majority of the workforce feel they can work effectively from home. In fact, in the most recent fortnightly snapshot 58% say that their entire industry can be effective working remotely. While they’re working from home they’re also learning from home. Of those surveyed, 91% say their time spent learning online will stay the same or increase in the next two weeks.

This enthusiastic embrace of online learning is great news for organisations aware of the critical importance of maintaining professional development for their teams as they prepare for a resilient future.  

While for the rest of the year professional development budgets will be constrained, and travel limited, there was probably never a more important time than now to invest in your team’s ability to lead ethically. Rebuilding with clarity and purpose requires laying the right foundations. Online learning can deliver in-house leadership development to teams, regardless of location, cost effectively and efficiently.  As your organisation or sector grapples with its specific challenges, it’s vital your team can identify which principles and values should inform their vision of the future and underpin the process of rebuilding.

2020 has tested all our assumptions. There will be no going back to normal. At times like this it is more evident than ever that the right decisions at the top matter.  Leaders must respond quickly, ethically and effectively. When your organisation emerges from this pandemic it has an opportunity to do so better prepared, with a sharper understanding of the possibilities and a willingness to embrace new ways of operating. 

Leaders need to regularly examine, test and consolidate their capacity. Executive education has always played a vital role in in this, and through tailored online courses it can continue to. Globally most people have already left their comfort zone, which means you and your team are already having your perspectives challenged daily.  The right online ethics program will help leaders hone their critical thinking skills in a fluid environment and deeply interrogate their own ethical framework, building a solid moral scaffolding to guide their thinking as the navigate a new path. Choosing the right online leadership course means first identifying your strengths, and the specific issues of your team, your organisation, your industry sector, as you focus on building an ethical and resilient post-pandemic future.  Finding a provider with a track record in strengthening leadership, which will work with your managers, board, executive team and colleagues, will bring a whole new level of thinking to your leadership.

Leaders who have done this hard work are better prepared to make the right decision at the right time for the right reason, and the businesses that recognise the importance of ethics and integrity are strongly positioning themselves to move confidently and positively from recovery and rebuilding into the future.

Navigating complexity through an ethical lens is Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership’s strength. We’ve been doing it for over 25 years. Ethical organisations win the trust and respect of employees, clients, suppliers, and the wider public. But ethical leadership is hard.

Our custom in-house programs are now being delivered online as 90 minute tailored programs to assist leaders and their team as they turn their mind towards recovery and rebuilding. Develop shared clarity and a pathway built on relevant, practical ethical foundations for the challenges ahead. When leaders act with integrity, they inspire others to do the same.

Photo by David Jorre on Unsplash