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Self-isolate Or Get Paid? That’s The Choice For Gig Workers In A Virus Outbreak, And It’s A Big Problem For The Rest Of Us

10 March, 2020

As the Covid-19 crisis escalates, governments around the world are announcing policies to stop the spread and soften the financial impact on companies and workers. However, the global response has thus far ignored how the outbreak will affect a group of people who over the past decade have become an essential cornerstone of urban life: gig workers.

“The fastest-growing category of gig economy work is called wealth work: people who are time rich but cash poor, working for people who are cash rich but time poor,” says Parag Khanna, a global affairs analyst based in Singapore.

These workers may have to choose between following public health advice, or earning a living.

In this piece Luke McGee asks “given the normalization of worker dehumanization, what level of sympathy will wealthy customers have for gig workers on the breadline?”

“The crisis has already passed the point of no return. If and when the spread slows, some of the world’s most powerful will have to answer serious questions about how societies, economies and global structures currently operate and how sustainable our way of life really is.”

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via CNN, 8 March 2020

Photo Credit:Content Providers(s): CDC/Dr. Fred Murphy / Public domain