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Medicine & Ethics


Can health be equitable?

Now in its seventh year, the Medicine & Ethics Symposium is a forum for senior health executives to critically engage with the meaning and consequences of moral engagement in contemporary medicine. The programme provides a way for leaders in the field to critically examine the role medicine plays in Australian society and their own responsibilities within it.

Public demands made on the health system are often at odds with personal expectations of medical professionals. There is a contradiction in society’s expectations. How are these grey areas to be navigated? Against what principles are they to be measured? How do medical ethics relate to the ideas of the great moral thinkers? How can wisdom be achieved in the practice of medicine?

The Medicine & Ethics Symposium challenges ideas of ethical engagement within the medical world and its role within the good society.

Medicine Symposium is suited to:
CEOs, unit directors, deans, specialists
and policymakers from across the
health sector.


11 – 12 Jun 2020

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