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Justice & Ethics


Is justice possible?

Do we believe the rule of law to be good because it is just or is it just because we think it is good? To what degree is our understanding of justice determined by the laws under which we live? Are there universal requirements of a just law? Is it possible to have a just society without a base of guaranteed moral rights? If not, what are those guaranteed moral rights?

This highly regarded symposium is designed for senior leaders whose work intersects with the concepts of justice, be it legal responses, law enforcement or policy design. The programme focuses on the key values and principles that guide Australia’s liberal democracy, its institutions and the impact of their actions on society.

The Justice & Ethics Symposium is a challenging take on the principles that underpin our notions of justice and its application in contemporary society.

Justice Symposium is suited to:
Judges, magistrates, senior lawyers,
law enforcement and policymakers from
across the legal and justice sectors.


14 – 15 Nov 2019

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