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Education & Ethics

Cranlana, Melbourne

Do we educate our children to succeed rather than be good human beings?

An opportunity for a select, small group of senior education leaders to discuss and reflect on the moral and ethical frameworks underpinning the role of education in contemporary Australian society – using the ideas of some of the Western tradition’s greatest thinkers and the notion of the good society as starting points.

Can a secular society convey good society principles if we cannot articulate them ourselves? We live in a world ruled by ever-changing technology and a widening gap between young people who embrace the pace of change and older people struggling to keep up. How do older educators arm these young people with the tools to be resilient and principled in such a world? We often say that the world’s problems will be fixed by the next generation – are we doing enough now so they can make the world a better place?

Education Symposium is suited to:
Principals, senior teachers, academics
and policy–makers.


25 – 26 Jun 2020