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Business & Ethics

Cranlana, Melbourne

Are business and fairness compatible?

Launched in 2015, the Business & Ethics Symposium provides a platform for executives from the highest levels of Australian business to explore the connections between ethics and effectiveness, and the challenges of leadership in a global economy. The Symposium is an opportunity for those responsible for shaping Australian society to discuss and debate these ideas among peers.

It is clear there is a corollary between ethics and outcomes. Good companies are good citizens and their actions are intertwined with the health and prosperity of the nation. Australian society relies on our corporate executives to lead the way. But what is the good? By whose moral framework is it measured? And, can the needs of the broader society align with responsibilities to stakeholders?

The Business & Ethics Symposium is an opportunity for executive leaders to reflect upon their role and the impact of their actions, while refining their own ethical understanding.

Business Symposium is suited to:
CEOs and Chairs from across the corporate sector.


23 – 24 Apr 2020