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Speaker Series – Ben Rimmer

The Cranlana Programme welcomes our guest Speaker, Ben Rimmer, for our 3rd Speaker Series Event for 2018.

Ben Rimmer was appointed as the CEO at the City of Melbourne three years ago. Leading the City of Melbourne administration, Ben supports the Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillors to achieve their objectives and deliver the community’s vision of a bold, inspirational and sustainable city. Ben’s role is also to ensure that the City of Melbourne is ‘a leading organisation for a leading city’ – building current and future capacity to serve the interests of Melbourne and the evolving needs of the community.

Ben is a member of the Male Champions of Change program and he is Chair of the Australian Youth Orchestra.  He has degrees in Arts and Law from the University of Melbourne, and an MBA with distinction from the University of Oxford.  In 2014 he was the recipient of Harvard University’s James Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarship (John F. Kennedy School of Government).

Ben Rimmer

Why you are responsible for Donald Trump’s behaviour: and what you should do about it!

Cranlana’s deep and unyielding questioning of what it takes to live ‘the good life’ seems increasingly important. And yet our society is pulling in completely contradictory directions – on one hand reflexive, harsh, unforgiving, but on the other an increasing awareness of the ethical frame in our work and lives. This talk will start and end with the personal, and offer some perspective on how we might work together to get closer to our shared aspirations. Along the way the hard question will be asked: who is accountable for the frangible and unsatisfactory state of contemporary political debate?


VENUE   Cranlana, 62 Clendon Road, Toorak
DATE      Thursday 6 September 2018
       6.00pm for 6.30 seating
COST      $60


You are most welcome to purchase tickets for guests of your choice to come along with you; they do not have to be alumni.

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06 Sep 2018

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