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Alumni Saturday Sessions

Saturday Sessions

Business Behaving Badly
In evidence to the Financial Services Royal Commission, NAB Chair and former Treasury Secretary Dr Ken Henry pondered whether the cause of misconduct in the sector might be capitalism itself. “The capitalist model is that businesses have no responsibility other than to maximise profits for shareholders,” said Henry. The consequence of this mindset, he argued, is that customers are treated in an instrumental fashion: as a means to profit rather than as human beings with rights and interests. This same might be said for the environment, or animals. If profit is King, who or what plays the role of serf?

In the March Saturday Session, our moderator will use a selection of short readings to generate discussion about the responsibilities of business: corporations, senior executives, and board directors. Is ‘business ethics’ an oxymoron? If not, then what would it take for business be a morally transformative force in Australian society?


16th March 2019: Business Behaving Badly

22nd June 2019: Based on current events, TBC one month prior

7th September 2019: Based on current events, TBC one month prior

9th November 2019: Based on current events, TBC one month prior


16 Mar 2019

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