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Saturday Session, Online – Saturday 22 May


The Saturday Sessions provide our alumni a way to extend their professional development and ‘top-up’ their Cranlana experience.  The Saturday Sessions discuss different topical issues and explore ethical themes such as power, fairness, justice, trust and short- vs long-term thinking. Using the Cranlana method, these truly fascinating conversations about the things that matter are based on a selection of provided readings and are guided by our expert Moderators. These intimate sessions of philosophical and ethical discussion will refuel your sense of moral courage, re-connect you to your critical reasoning capabilities and provide a forum to re-engage with the extraordinary Cranlana alumni.

The online events allow you, wherever you’re located,  to join us and your peers.  
What does it mean to be a conservative in an age of right-wing populism? A conservative, by definition, seeks to conserve – to protect and maintain cherished institutions, traditions and principles. Yet in recent years, some politicians elected under the “conservative” banner have been willing to undermine values like truth, challenge established democratic processes and risk civil disorder, in order to attain, expand or hang on to power. As a writer in the Economist put it recently, many top conservative thinkers now feel “orphaned” because “conservatism as a political brand has been seized by people like Viktor Orban, Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump.” This session will be facilitated by Carl Murphy, one of Cranlana’s most experienced moderators.
*Please note the event times are EST.

Exclusive to alumni


22 May 2021