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Alumni Saturday Sessions

Saturday Sessions

Is democracy failing? 

Not all of us will be happy with the outcome of the federal election, especially if our preferred party or candidate didn’t win. The far more important question is whether we have faith in the process.

The evidence suggests that our faith in democracy is falling fast. One survey found that the proportion of Australians who are satisfied with the way democracy works has dropped from 86% to 41% in just ten years. In another recent poll, fewer than half of all Australians aged 18-44 agreed that democracy is preferable to any other form of government.

In this Cranlana alumni Saturday session we’ll draw on readings from Plato, John Stuart Mill, Robert Menzies and others to discuss why democracy might be failing and what we can do about it if it is.

Time 1:45 – 5:00pm


Upcoming Dates

22nd June 2019: Is democracy failing? 

7th September 2019: Based on current events, TBC one month prior

9th November 2019: Based on current events, TBC one month prior


22 Jun 2019