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Saturday Session, Canberra


The Saturday Sessions provide our alumni a way to extend their professional development and ‘top-up’ their Cranlana experience.  The Saturday Sessions discuss different topical issues and explore ethical themes such as power, fairness, justice, trust and short- vs long-term thinking. Using the Cranlana method, these truly fascinating conversations about the things that matter are based on a selection of provided readings and are guided by our expert Moderators. These intimate sessions of philosophical and ethical discussion, finishing with fine wine and a bite of something delicious, will refuel your sense of moral courage, re-connect you to your critical reasoning capabilities and provide a forum to re-engage with the extraordinary Cranlana alumni.

The topic for this Session is – Is there a right response to historic injustice?

When former Prime Minister John Howard refused to apologise to the Stolen Generations, he justified his position this way: “I do not believe, as a matter of principle, that one generation can accept responsibility for the acts of an earlier generation.” If we take a different view — that is, if we believe historic injustice places ethical demands on contemporary citizens — then this raises difficult questions. What form might reparative justice take when the wrongs of the past cannot be undone? Is an apology sufficient or must there be material compensation too? If so, who gets compensated when the direct victims of injustice have already passed away? These and other questions will be discussed using texts drawn from Australia’s colonial past and the work of Melbourne-based philosopher Janna Thompson, author of Should Current Generations Make Reparations for Slavery?

This session will be led by Frank Di Giorgio, who is one of Cranlana’s most experienced moderators

Exclusive to alumni


19 Sep 2020