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Saturday Session, Online – Saturday 13 March


The Saturday Sessions provide our alumni a way to extend their professional development and ‘top-up’ their Cranlana experience.  The Saturday Sessions discuss different topical issues and explore ethical themes such as power, fairness, justice, trust and short- vs long-term thinking. Using the Cranlana method, these truly fascinating conversations about the things that matter are based on a selection of provided readings and are guided by our expert Moderators. These intimate sessions of philosophical and ethical discussion will refuel your sense of moral courage, re-connect you to your critical reasoning capabilities and provide a forum to re-engage with the extraordinary Cranlana alumni.

The online events allow you, wherever you’re located,  to join us and your peers.  

Meritocracy: a bad idea whose time should never have come. When sociologist Michael Young invented the term “meritocracy” in 1958, it was intended as satire. Young was warning against a future in which one form of entrenched privilege (the aristocracy of class) was replaced by another. By the turn of the 21st Century, Young thought his dystopian vision had become reality. “It is good sense to appoint individual people to jobs on their merit.” he wrote. “It is the opposite when those who are judged to have merit of a particular kind harden into a new social class without room in it for others.” This session, moderated by Peter Mares, will draw on Young’s original work and on The Tyranny of Merit, the latest book by acclaimed American philosopher Michael Sandel.

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Exclusive to alumni


13 Mar 2021