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Ageing and Ethics


How do we deliver dignity to the elderly in our care?

It is often said that the way a society treats its elderly is a reflection of its moral health. But there is no consensus in our society on how the final stages of life should play out. And while no universal definition of the good life exists for the aged, individuals have high expectations of the care they and their family members receive. Often questions of responsibility come hard up against economic and demographic realities, with the sector caught at the critical intersection. How should it best respond when the measures that guide and control the system do not take into account a fully flourishing life? Can the tension between society’s equivocations and the realities of commercial enterprise be navigated to deliver good moral outcomes?

The Ageing & Ethics Symposium provides leaders in the sector with an ethical lens through which to examine the contradictions inherent in delivering end-of-life care. The program seeks to address the question: can taking account of human flourishing lead to better decisions in the aged care industry? In doing so, it offers leaders a new and challenging approach to their ethical dilemmas, a moral framework to provide clarity in decision-making, and a broader way of thinking about their work caring for the aged.

Ageing Symposium is suited to:
Health care professionals, nursing home executives,
carers, advocates, medical specialists, researchers
and policymakers who work with the elderly and the aged.


21 – 22 Jul 2020