Critical Decision Making and Your Own Sense of Ethics

4 February, 2021

Vanessa Pigrum, Cranlana Centre CEO and Monash University alumna, talks about the importance of ethical leadership, critical decision making, and her own leadership journey, in this interview with Monash Life.

After a year in which many hypothetical ethical questions leapt from the page into real life, the ability to make such difficult decisions quickly, effectively and with consistency under pressure has been highlighted. It’s an ability strengthened by the study of ethics in leadership.

“If you do this work understanding your own sense of ethics – whether it’s about justice and fairness, equity, or hard-and-fast rules – then you can rely on it, rather than discovering it during a crisis.”

Vanessa Pigrum, CEO Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership

Putting ethics at the centre of decision-making can lead to significant change. “People can make quite transformational decisions after deeply exploring this nexus of their personal ethics with the ethics of the organisation or a sector they are in,” Pigrum says.

In 2019 Monash University joined The Myer Foundation and Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation in Cranlana, enhancing the level of insight, allowing Cranlana to tap into Monash projects and research around issues and with Cranlana, in turn, providing its leadership development programs to the University.

Monash Life, December 2020. Read the full article here.

Photo by Nikki Short, The Australian

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