crisis management, public trust

Crisis Management and Public Trust

2 April, 2020

One of the outcomes of Cranlana Centre’s programs is better preparedness to face threats and challenges – known and unknown.  Equipping leaders to deal confidently with crises means better decisions can be made. 

2020 has provided a range of unwelcome challenges to every sector in Australia. Leaders are being looked to for responses which are effective and engender public trust and confidence.

Following up the latest Edelman Trust Barometer a supplementary study, conducted in early February,demonstrated that the national bushfire crisis sparked a dramatic decline in trust from an all-time high of 68 points in the informed public to 59 points, a 9-point drop in just three months. In the mass population, trust remained low at only 45 points. 

“Australia’s informed public saw a severe breakdown of trust from the government in response to the bush fire catastrophes. This should have been an opportunity to unite the nation and build security, but instead, the lack of empathy, authenticity and communications crushed trust across the country,” said Michelle Hutton, Edelman CEO.

In more bad news, no institution was viewed as both ethical and competent.

The only institution rated as competent was business, holding a 56-point lead over government. Australians agreed businesses could get things done, such as driving economic prosperity (46%) and leading innovation (43%). But respondents also ranked business as less ethical.

Despite Australia entering its 28th year of consecutive economic growth, only a third of Australians (32%) believe they will be better off in five years. Half of those surveyed believe that capitalism, as it exists today, is now doing more harm than good in the world. 

Tellingly, 57% of Australians don’t think democracy is effective as a form of government and 72% don’t trust society’s leaders to address changes.

How confident are you in your abilities to respond to a crisis?

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via Fundraising Institute Australia, March 2020