Belinda Duarte

Banding Together To Create Change

25 August, 2020

Belinda Duarte is the CEO of Culture is Life, an organisation pushing forward Indigenous-led solutions to lower the rate of youth suicide. She’s also the recipient of the 2020 Chief Executive Women Vincent Fairfax Fellowship scholarship.

As a proud Wotjobaluk and Dja Dja Wurrung woman, Duarte points to the first time she experienced racism as a child, and how it woke her up to the inherent challenges and disadvantages Aboriginal people faced in their country compared to their white counterparts. 

Since then, she has drawn on the strength and experience of her elders past and present, and her community, to inform her leadership and achieve change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Rather than focusing on what she can achieve as an individual leader, she has embraced collective leadership strategies to create long-lasting sustainable solutions. 

To talk about change is not about talking about an individual that does great work, it’s talking about a collective. My aspiration is always to think from an approach around collective work, because that’s where real change happens. If I can be the best contributor to assisting with collective movements to change, then I’m on track. I just don’t sit comfortably with having impact as an individual. We all know that you cannot create change without that amazing cohort of people invested in that.

Belinda Duarte, CEO Culture is Life

In this article she discusses what inspires her to keep going when times are tough, where she draws her power from, and why our ideas of leadership need to change.

PRObono, Maggie Coggan, 24 August 2020. Read the full article here.

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Photo by Lorenzo Herrera on Unsplash