Cranlana house

Inside The Search For A Melbourne Home Fit For A Prime Minister

1 September, 2020

Cranlana House. It is the stately mansion that could have been the Melbourne residence of prime ministers and dignitaries.

The Myer family this week confirmed that, over many years, they have held discussions about making their grand Toorak mansion Cranlana House available for visiting prime ministers and governors general.

Had the discussions been finalised, it would have represented the culmination in a years-long search for a Melbourne prime ministerial base.

Fortunately for us, they did not and so it is home to Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership. It has been primarily from here that we have “provided professional development to more than 5000 people, including governors, police commissioners, defence top brass and leaders in the not-for-profit sector”, says chief executive Vanessa Pigrum.

And the beauty of the building and gardens are key to that.

“When you go through the gates, you go down a very long, pebbled driveway and I think the length of the walk from the street to the front door really gives people a transition time to think deeply about where they are and what they want to achieve.”

The Age,  Bianca Hall, 28 August 2020. Read the full article here.

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership’s programs include the 2 day Executive Ethics, 6 day Executive Colloquium and year-long Vincent Fairfax Fellowship. We also deliver online and tailored corporate programs. Find the right program for you. They are all held under the Chatham House Rule to encourage genuine and open debate, and allow participants to candidly discuss sometimes sensitive issues in private while allowing the topic and nature of the debate to be made public, and contribute to a broader conversation.