climate change as an ethical imperative

9 in 10 Australians See Action on Climate Change as an Ethical Imperative for Business Leaders

15 January, 2020

An overwhelming majority of Australians believe that governments, businesses and multinational corporations have an urgent ethical obligation to take action on climate change, according to the The Ethics Index 2019, released by Governance Institute of Australia.

When asked to what extent there is an ethical obligation for organisations to take action on climate change – even if it impacts upon profits and results in job losses – 47 per cent said there is an urgent ethical obligation and 43 per cent said there is a slight ethical obligation.

Governance Institute of Australia CEO Megan Motto said “We’ve been struck by the clear and compelling message from this year’s index for business leaders and the government: that more Australians now regard climate change as an urgent ethical obligation.”

Former High Court judge and royal commissioner Kenneth Hayne has warned directors they have a legal duty to act on climate change risk, include it in corporate strategies and report on it to shareholders, raising the real prospect that boards failing to act could end up in court. Hayne says directors cannot hide behind “learned helplessness” as an excuse not to act.

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Lawyers Weekly, December 2019